Winter Axe League Standings

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Practice opens at 6:30 PM and matches start at 7:00 PM. If we have two sections each night the second section will begin practice at 8:00 and matches will start at 8:30. 

Matches consist of 5 games of standard targets. Players are awarded a point for winning each game and 1 point for winning the best out of 5. Any ties will be decided by a sudden death playoff with each thrower getting a chance until someone wins. 

League dues will be $20 per week per player. This will include 90 minutes of axe throwing on league nights as well as another 60 minutes of walk-in practice time each week on Saturday or Sundays from 12 – 6 PM while the league is in session. 

Winners will receive a custom league championship mug that can be used to receive $1.00 off taps until the next league starts. 

Subs are allowed as needed to keep play consistent on Thursday nights. League dues will still be required for no-shows unless the match is rescheduled 24 hours prior to the scheduled start as we reserve lanes with the expectation of having a match.