● All participants must read and sign a waiver. If you have not, see an axepert or a bartender for assistance. Anyone under 18 must have their waiver signed by a guardian and be accompanied throughout their time in the axe area. You must be at least 12 years old to participate. 

​Click here to sign waiver online. 

● We have the safest lanes in the world but in the unlikely event an axe would bounce back in your direction step out of the way. This is axe throwing, not axe catching.

● Only one person in the throwing box in each lane. If you’re not throwing stay off the grass, sit down and relax.

● Only one axe can be thrown at a time. It must be returned to the axe box before the next player can step into the box.

● NEVER HAND ANYONE AN AXE. Put all axes in the box and then return to your table.

● Never remove an axe from the throwing lane for any reason.

● Don’t touch the targets. When removing the axe wiggle it up and down to release it if it is stuck. Never place the palm of your hand on the target to help unless you really like splinters.

● Closed-toed shoes are required. Even when closed-toed shoes it’s probably best not to drop the axe on your foot. It hurts, trust us.

● If you see something say something. Please notify a staff member immediately if you notice damage to a target, axe lane or axe that could jeopardize anyone’s safety.

● You are limited to 2 alcoholic beverages while throwing axes. All of our staff are TIPS trained to identify intoxicated players. If you’ve had too much to drink they will politely refund your money and ask you to play one of our other fun games.

● DO NOT POINT OR GESTURE WITH AN AXE. We ask that all participants behave in a responsible manner. There will be no warnings for horseplay or unsafe behavior. You will be politely asked to leave the activity.

● No food or drinks on the grass.

● Our insurance prohibits guest from bringing their own axe or using knives, throwing stars or really anything else you might think would be fun to throw at the target.

● Have fun. This is an awesome and addicting experience. Always feel free to ask any staff member for tips on axe throwing. If your axepert has been helpful, or at least not completely annoying, tips are always appreciated. Working here is so fun we really don’t pay them very much.